Tuesday, November 15, 2016

KATE's Digital Product Online Judging Project for STLP

Part of preparing our students for life after school is to help them develop skills that include researching, designing, and creating a project, and then publishing it for the world to see.  The STLP DPOJ (Digital Product Online Judging) event lets groups of students submit their work for statewide recognition as part of the STLP process.  KATE has created this year's project in cooperation with the Kentucky Center for School Safety's yearly theme for safe school's week in October.  This year's theme according to KCSS's website is:

“Be the HERO; STOP the Bullying!” which focuses on everyday heroes, their roles in our lives and how each one of us need to step up and "Be the HERO" when the opportunities arise both in school and in life. "Honor", "Encourage", "Respect" and "Opportunity" will be the powerful words emphasized in our campaign to empower students to choose to be a HERO either openly or silently using an online tipline. Being a HERO isn't just a label for a time it's an attitude and a code to live by." (http://www.kycss.org/ssw.php)

We have sponsored this project for the last several years and have received some awesome projects from schools across Kentucky.  We ask that student's show the process they used to create their project and Marion County High School shared this video with us.  We wanted to share this with anyone who is thinking about doing the project this year to help them with the process.

As you can see from the video, they spent a lot of time planning and researching their project before they started filming.  This is essential to creating a successful project.  We also ask that students cite their sources.  For elementary students, you should include the author's name, the name of the book or website where you found the information, a link to it if it is online, and the date published if you can find it.  This video explains it:

For older students, you should basically follow the MLA format:

If you are interested in creating KATE's Be a Hero Project, check out the directions and rubric here:  KATE's Project.  We can wait to see what you create!

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