Friday, March 17, 2017

Breakout Edu - Camp Read-A-Lot

Guest Post by Amy Page, Library Media Specialist
Jody Richards Elementary School
Bowling Green

For Dr. Seuss' birthday, I held a school wide "Camp Read A-Lot" in the library, which was super cool and successful for the lower grades.  I had classes sign up through I scheduled 3 classes at a time. I decorated the library like a campsite with camping chairs, Christmas trees, handmade tents, and campfires. I bought flashlights, reading lights and lanterns from the Dollar tree. I also purchased glow in the dark stars from the Dollar General. I put the stars under my tables, and made the tables into tents using a small strip of bulletin board paper on the sides. I had a campfire playing on the board using a youtube video ( I turned all the lights off.

I had three stations -- camp under the tables and read independently with flashlights, sit around a campfire for a read aloud, and a STEM station under tent tables. They rotated every 13 minutes. At the end of the 40 minute session I read We're Going on a Bear Hunt. The students repeated each verse with me as we walked in a line around the entire library. We ended at the door ready to go back to class. The teachers and students LOVED it! I have attached pictures below.

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