Friday, December 25, 2020

Friday Matinee: Text Comments in Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a great way to have a discussion whether you are in class or remote.  Create your question and let students answer and then reply to each other.  Flipgrid recently added text comments rather than just video, which is helpful for shy students.
Here's more on how they work: Introducing Text Comments

Haven't used Flipgrid before?  It was actually created for Dr. Miller's PhD students at the University of Minnesota.  Since then it has become one of the go to discussion apps for students from K-PhD!  Here's a post on remote learning with Flipgrid in higher education.

For more on Flipgrid, check out the information on our Remote Learning Resources page or check out their blog.

Want to know MORE about Flipgrid?  Take this FREE class with Holly Clark online.  You can do it at your own pace.

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