Thursday, September 29, 2016

Learning With Minecraft

Guest post by Katie Groendyke, EDU 222 student at Murray State University


Engaged in Learning? 
  • Gives way for creativity in classroom
  • Students more open about what they have learned
  • Learning in the classroom and everyday experiences (see the comparisons)
  • Helps teachers and students explore the Minecraft community made
How to get the students involved?
  • Have the students work in pairs or groups
  • Give a activity involving ways to communicate with others
  • Have a common goal for class, like do a competitive activity
  • Let student work out problems in front of class
  • Students can solve math and engineering problems
Is this accessible for everyone?
No, you have to receive an email from your teacher, for the Education Edition. This way only student have access to their work and teachers as well. This not a normal game, it is for helping student branch out and express their creativity. Here is a video to help understand more of what you can do on Minecraft:

How is this beneficial for student in the classroom, why or why not?
    I think this does help student broaden the creativity scale and learning to solve mathematical problems on their own in a game is good. Understanding that certain types of this learning can enhance engineering skills, communication with others; students and teachers, and ability to create whatever they what on the screen. As this can help students I also think it can be a little too technical for them, not everything will be accessible like in the game, and students still need to be taught the basics. And to realize that this is a game and not real life.


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