Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Telling Stories. It's What it is all About!

This semester I'm teaching a section of Instructional Technology for the College of Education and Human Services at Murray State University.  In one class period, we discussed digital storytelling and as an assignment, I asked my students to pick an iPad app and create a story.  Here are a couple examples of their stories:

How Big is the Universe?  Let's Put it Into Perspective by Joshua Hawkins.  He used Shadow Puppet EDU to create his story.  If he had chosen to, he could have added audio, but I really like the fact that he used the text and pictures to convey his story.

In this example, Bailey Porter wrote her story called Lenny and the Big Red Ball using Little Bird Tales, which is an iPad app as well as a website.  Here's a link to her story.

Another story written by Jaycee Cribbs tells about a mission trip to Honduras and used ThingLink to add hotspots with additional information about the trip and the country.  Click here to see JayCee's story.

What stories are you telling?  Why not share them?

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